Horses are our business. It’s what we do. We understand that their care is important to you. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we offer a variety of amenities to keep your horse as healthy and comfortable as possible. Your horse comes first. We treat them as if they were our own. A lot of places may be able to offer you cheaper board but what are you really getting? If it’s barn managers that aren’t knowledgeable and non credentialed riding instructors, don’t you think you and your horse deserve better? Here, we are licensed and certified at what we do. Very few places have any credentials to show. So how do you know things are being done right? Allow our expertise and experience to take care of every aspect of your equine friends care. From large stalls with windows, to good quality feed, large arenas,  and nightly checks, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. Katie has over 20 years experience in Stable Management and is not only an ARIA Certified Riding Instructor but also a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

Here is a partial list of what we have to offer:
12×13 deeply bedded box stalls with a window

Stalls cleaned daily
We bed with shavings, and plenty of them. No dusty sawdust or pallet shavings here.
Large Fields +/- round bales
Hay is fed 3 times daily in stall
Grain fed 2-3 times daily
Grain fed is the house grain (12% Pellet or 12% Sweet Feed). We will provide any alternative grain the owner desires for only the cost of the grain.
Supplements given at no extra charge
Nightly checks where more hay is given and water is topped off
60×120 indoor arena with brand new base and footing with incorporated rubber!


80’x 220′ outdoor arena


Full course of jumps for all experiences, including a Roll Top, Brush Box, Planks, Gates,Barrels, and Stone Wall.

1200 sq ft lounge overlooking the indoor arena


Wash Stall with hot/cold running water
Warm water given in the winter at night check
Warm water in all fields in winter
ARIA Certified Riding Instructor and NYS Licensed Veterinary Technician ON SITE
Large, climate controlled tack room. No more moldy tack or freezing bits.


Lockers available to boarders at no extra charge

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Fencing is electric tape (3 strands) on wood posts
Daytime turnout in Winter (weather permitting)
Nighttime turnout in Summer
Masks and fly spray applied at no extra charge
Blanket changes when required (No extra charge)
Individual turnout in small runs is reserved for lay ups
Water buckets cleaned weekly or sooner if required
Full heated bathroom with Hot/Cold running water and shower
Many extras….


All for $400/ month, cash or good check
Paypal accepted

Multiple horse discounts available.