Your goals are paramount

We care about your horse physically

We Know how you feel about your horse. You want only the best for them. You want them safe. So do we.

What we have to offer

And mentally.

Not all that can ride can train a horse. That's why we offer Training services for all types and many levels of horse.

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We care about your goals

Goals are important. Reaching them is more important. That's why we create an individual riding program to help you accomplish all you've set out to do.

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Our Mission- We Care

There are plenty of places out there to get substandard care and deal with owners/ managers that have little knowledge or concern for your needs. At Brock Equine, we're not about cutting corners. We care about all the horses at our facility and all of our clients. Our mission is to make sure that every horse receives the very best care we can provide and that all of our clients, whether it's boarders or lesson students, are happy with our services. It's difficult to find a barn to fit your style of riding, that is also drama free, and makes you feel like family. Brock Equine strives to make you feel welcome and our experienced horse professional will let you know that you and your horse are in good hands.

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