A well trained horse is a pleasure to ride. You want a horse that’s light in your hand and easy on your seat. A responsive horse. No one wants to spend their time struggling with their mount. Katie’s focus is in Classical Dressage, but don’t let that deter you if you’re not interested in Classical Dressage. She also has experience in Hunters, Eventing, and Western. The Dressage basics of Rhythm and Relaxation, will benefit any horse regardless of their ultimate use in life. Things like Balance, Flexibility, and Suppleness are all desirable no matter what style of riding you prefer. Katie has many years experience in starting and training all different levels, temperaments, and disciplines of horses. Our Training program is most successful when used in conjunction with our Lesson program because both horse and rider should be trained to communicate with and understand each other. Our training methods are very clear and easy to understand. We make sure the horse is safe at one level before proceeding to the next and all of our methods are gentle and we do not use any “devices” to get the desired response. There are no secrets. You are welcome to come watch any training sessions we have going on and we will explain everything we’re doing and why. We will not accept “Dangerous” horses for training.

Prices for training vary depending of the frequency you want the horse worked with. In general, 1 session is $40. Monthly Rate is as follows:

4 rides per week = $450
3 rides per week = $380
2 rides per week = $300

This rate does not include board.

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